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    Productions shot at Baja Film Studios

    Feature Film (13)
    Against the Sun2014Brian FalkIMDB Database page about Against the Sun
    All is Lost2013J.C. ChandorIMDB Database page about All is Lost
    Little Boy2012Alejandro MonteverdeIMDB Database page about Little Boy
    The first major production at the former Fox Baja Studios since local crime problems forced it's closure.
    Jumper2008Doug LimanIMDB Database page about Jumper
    Ghosts of the Abyss2003James CameronIMDB Database page about Ghosts of the Abyss
    Master & Commander: The Far Side of the World2003Peter WeirIMDB Database page about Master & Commander: The Far Side of the World
    Kung Pow: Enter the Fist2002Steve OedekerkIMDB Database page about Kung Pow: Enter the Fist
    Pearl Harbour2001Michael BayIMDB Database page about Pearl Harbour
    Partial full-size sets of the ships at Pearl Harbor were constructed, blown up and burned at the studio to recreate the battle and its aftermath.
    The Weight of Water2000Kathryn BigelowIMDB Database page about The Weight of Water
    Storm sequences using a full size sailboat were filmed in Tank 1 to match storm sequences shot on location in Nova Scotia.
    Deep Blue Sea1999Renny HarlinIMDB Database page about Deep Blue Sea
    This undersea shark movie was shot entirely at Fox Baja. The spectacular, life-like sharks created for the movie raised animatronics to a new level.
    In Dreams 1997Neil JordanIMDB Database page about In Dreams
    Several scenes required construction of a small New England town in the deep section of Tank 1. Ten buildings, including a church and graveyard were constructed in full scale and then submerged in order to create scenes of the flooded town. Additional water scenes required the use of Tanks 2 and 3.
    Titanic1997James CameronIMDB Database page about Titanic
    Fox Baja Studios was constructed specifically for this epic tale. Construction began on June 6 1996 and production on the movie began in September 1996, while the studio was completed around production. Around 95% of the movie was shot at the studio.
    Tomorrow Never Dies1997Roger SpottiswoodeIMDB Database page about Tomorrow Never Dies
    Stealth Ship; Sea Landing; Exteriors of the UK Fleet
    The capability of Tank 1 (built originally to house the 750 foot replica of the ship, Titanic) was enhanced to accommodate filming requirements of the model unit by adding a 450 foot long weir overflow along the seaward side of the tank. This modification enables a seamless interface to be created between the tank and the ocean behind it.

    TV Series (1)
    Tremors2003IMDB Database page about Tremors

    Music Video (1)
    Falco: Titanic2000

    TV Movie (1)
    Expendables, The2000Janet MeyersIMDB Database page about Expendables, The

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