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  1. Just beyond the Little Europe sets and slightly south of the Court of Miracles sits a Train Station.

    The tracks that the train used to run on travel from behind the Square of Warriors / Spartacus Square, past the station all the way through Denver Street to Six Points Texas barn. In the 1950s, the tracks continued to the New York Street area.
    Most of the tracks now are covered with earth, but the photos at the end of this section show the remainder of the tracks visible today.
    The former Runaway Train featured in the 1970s & 80s Studio Tour is sitting on the tracks at the Denver Street Freight Station just across the road from it’s attraction position.
    This station is a replica of the one destroyed in the 1967 fire.

    Photo Gallery


    Seen on Screen: Universal Studios Hollywood [Train]

    The Virginian [TV Series]1962-1971Frank Price, Teddi ShermanIMDB Database page about The Virginian
    Colonial Street, Denver Street, Six Points Texas, Train Station, Stage 34
    Bedtime Story [Feature Film]1964Ralph LevyIMDB Database page about Bedtime Story
    Train Station set on the backlot
    Alias Smith and Jones [TV Series]1971-1973Glen A. LarsonIMDB Database page about Alias Smith and Jones
    Denver Street, Old Mexico, Six Points Texas, Train Station, Stage 36
    Voyagers! [TV Series]1982-1983James D. ParriottIMDB Database page about Voyagers!
    Colonial Street, Denver Street, Little Europe, Train Station, Mediterranean Square, Old Mexico, Square of Warriors, Collapsing Bridge (pilot)
    Murder She Wrote [TV Series]1984-1996VariousIMDB Database page about Murder She Wrote
    "Incident on Lot 7" - Season 8, Episode 13 (1992) - Psycho House
    "Jessica Behind Bars" - Season 2, Episode 9 (1985) - Square of Warriors / Spartacus Square Embassy building appears as the Prison exterior.
    "Hooray for Homicide" - Season 1, Episode 3 (1984) - Front Lot & Studio Tour
    Colonial Street, New York Street (as London), Tower of London set (as an amusement park), Little Europe (unknown episodes)
    Elm Street (as Industrial Street), Singapore Lake (Jaws Lake) appeared in the opening titles as Cabot Cove, Maine.
    "To Kill A Legend" (Season 11 Episode 3, October 1994) Circle Drive on Colonial Street is featured prominently as the location for the battle re-enactment. The Colonial Street Church is seen in many shots.
    "Seal of the Confessional" - Season 6 Episode 2 (1989) - Colonial Street Church appears in the opening sequence. Jaws Lake appears as Cabot Cove.
    Stage 20 [pilot], Stage 22, Stage 25 (interior Jessica Fletcher's house), Stage 29, the backlot Train Station appeared in one episode.
    Episode The Murder Channel (Season 11, Episode 6) features Brownstone Street and New York Street prominently. (1994)
    "Judge Not" (Season 8 Episode 6) Shot in 1991 - featured the Embassy buildings in the Square of Warriors and Little Europe on the backlot.
    MacGyver [TV Series]1985 - 1992VariousIMDB Database page about MacGyver
    The Train Station in Little Europe featured in one episode.
    Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement [Feature Film]2004Garry MarshallIMDB Database page about Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement
    The streets of Little Europe doubled as Genovia. The Square of Warriors appeared as the exterior of the royal residence. The Train Station also appeared. Interiors were shot on Stage 22, Stage 23, Stage 27 and Stage 36.

    Also seen in…

    There’s a rumour the station also featured in Young Frankenstein, but that’s not confirmed.

    Bedtime Story (1964) features the original Train Station before the 1967 fire destroyed it.

    Denver Street Train Station

    A short walk from the Court of Miracles Train Station is Denver Street, at the far end of which is a freight train station, and the old Runaway Train locomotive. The photos below show the station and the tracks behind the Denver Street sets.

    Photo Gallery