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  1. Dates: 1964 – 1981

    An apartment complex built just north of Park Lake around 1964 for a short-lived sitcom experiment called ’90 Bristol Court’ consisting of 3 sitcoms with the apartment block as the running theme, providing a whole evening’s entertainment. Unfortunately the experiment didn’t make it through it’s first season and was cancelled in 1965.

    The set appeared in numerous Universal series (such as The Rockford Files, Dragnet, Ironside, Quincy and Banacek) until it was removed around 1981 when Colonial Street (it’s former neighbour) was resited. The site is now the River Road parking lot.

    Seen on Screen: Universal Studios Hollywood [Apartments]

    90 Bristol Court: Harris Against The World [TV Series]1964-1965Tom Adair, James B. AllardiceIMDB Database page about 90 Bristol Court: Harris Against The World
    Backlot Apartments set
    90 Bristol Court: Karen [TV Series]1964-1965Joe Connelly, Bob MosherIMDB Database page about 90 Bristol Court: Karen
    Backlot Apartments set
    90 Bristol Court: Tom, Dick and Mary [TV Series]1964-1965IMDB Database page about 90 Bristol Court: Tom, Dick and Mary
    Backlot Apartments set
    Dragnet 1967 [TV Series]1967-1970Jack WebbIMDB Database page about Dragnet 1967
    Backlot Apartments and Colonial Street (Johnson Character's House and Munster House) sets.
    Ironside [TV Series]1967-1975Collier YoungIMDB Database page about Ironside
    Apartments, Colonial Street, Mediterranean Square, New York Street (as San Francisco). Interiors were shot on Stage 20.
    Adam-12 / Adam 12 [TV Series]1968-1975Robert A. Cinader, Jack WebbIMDB Database page about Adam-12 / Adam 12
    Backlot Apartments set was featured, along with Colonial Street (Harvey House, Cleaver House, Cromwell House).
    Banacek [TV Series]1972-1974Anthony WilsonIMDB Database page about Banacek
    Backlot Apartments set was featured. Interiors were filmed on Stage 29.
    Emergency! [TV Series]1972-1979Harold Jack Bloom, Robert A. CinaderIMDB Database page about Emergency!
    Apartments, Colonial Street (including Cleaver House), Stage 23, Stage 30, Stage 33, Stage 41, Falls Lake (Season 2 Ep3)
    The Rockford Files [TV Series]1974-1980Stephen J. Cannell, Roy HugginsIMDB Database page about The Rockford Files
    Apartments, Colonial Street (Harvey House), New York Street, Stage 30
    Quincy M.E. [TV Series]1976-1983Glen A. Larson, Lou ShawIMDB Database page about Quincy M.E.
    Apartments, Colonial Street, Denver Street, New York Street, Stage 25
    The Hardy Boys / Nancy Drew Mysteries [TV Series]1977-1979Edward StratemeyerIMDB Database page about The Hardy Boys / Nancy Drew Mysteries
    Backlot sets Apartments and Colonial Street (Hardy House, Drew House, Ron's Barn) featured.